Teewah Beach House
Teewah Beach Houses - Holiday Accommodation
Holiday dreams come true at beautiful Teewah
Wake up slowly in the luxurious king size bed, listening to the honeyeaters and lorikeets singing excitedly in the early morning freshness.  Listen to the sound of the waves crashing onto the white sand.

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Just another day in Paradise - View from Serendipity deck
Open your eyes oh, so slowly, looking out upon the protected greenery of the Great Sandy National Park towards Seewah Hill.  Roll over and look through your bedrooms' glass wall to see how the surf and sea look this morning.  See the pink/golden glow of the sunrise, dawn sunlight shimmering on the water, and either choose to sleep in or spring out of bed and head to the beach!

Be the first person to step onto the 30 mile long Teewah Beach in the morning.  Often be the only person to be on the beach!  Throw a line in the water, stroll, or for the more energetic, run north along the beach with the ocean and the sound of waves on your right, the national parks' coloured sand dunes covered with vegetation and birds singing in the trees to your left.  Magic!  To walk for an hour at sunrise and see no other people, and to be surrounded by the beauty and tranquility of the natural world, is a rare pleasure indeed.  You will laugh out loud with joy at how far away you feel, yet Noosa is only 10 km away.

Sunrise  - View from Serendipity deck
Choose a beach break to surf - it's yours, and 30 miles of beach breaks to choose from.  Choose a patch of beach to fish, relax and enjoy!

Finally arrive back at Serendipity after a swim in the sea (or indeed, find the energy to get out of bed), grab some juice or a coffee, and head upstairs to the roof deck.  Sit and enjoy the serenity, stare at the ever changing ocean, from Noosa in the south to Double Island Point in the north, 30 km away.  The sea is only 30 metres away, your cares a million miles.  Ponder going to Noosa for a surf, or a protected swim, or a coffee, or head north to beautiful Rainbow Beach (paradise on earth), or go nowhere and really enjoy the peace.  You will have nobody bothering you all day, all week!  Read that book and unwind or get active and work the muscles.  Indulge that creative passion you never get a chance to focus on.  Be free, and enjoy life.

Come on in ... the water's fine - View from Serendipity deck
After a long day of doing nothing, or everything, relax again on the roof deck and watch the sunset, the changing tapestry of colours over the ocean.

To watch the moon rise out of the ocean at dusk (near full moon) is a simply glorious pleasure, and moonlit walks on the beach are magnificent and exhilarating - no traffic, no town lights, no people, and with the white sand and white surf it is so luminous, so peaceful, so romantic, so special ...

The ideal time to visit Serendipity is around the full moon, away from weekends, out of school holiday times.  Teewah Beach will be almost yours alone to enjoy ...

...  at any other time it is still simply fantastic!

Teewah Beach House holiday accommodation.

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